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Ilije Garasanina 26
11000 Belgrade, SERBIA

+381 11 3341 780
+381 11 3235 150
Fax: +381 11 3341 820


Amigo Trade D.O.O. is a private firm established  1992. in Belgrade with 100% private capital. Durring 90’s  Amigo Trade was simultaneously finansing export of frozen fruit and import frozen fish, mekušaca and shellfish as well as products of fish.

From year 2000. Amigo Trade become one of the liders at fish and fish products market in Serbia. 2005. we are starting in new work space, and encircle his buisness at one place in the center of Belgrade (Tašmajdan), approximately 700m2 and with capacity storring goods in regime at -25°C for 250 t.

Our team momentary employs 18 full-time job workers. And approximately 10 part-time job workers.


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